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These testimonials of Prenatal Yoga and Mom Yoga+Baby Classes in Los Angeles and Orange County sounds like we're bragging. But the yoga is just this good.

Descriptions of Prenatal Yoga & Mom Yoga classes in Los Angeles & OC. Prenatal Yoga is safe for any trimester & experience level. Come try a free class!

The free Ma Yoga Prenatal Yoga ebook has over 30 pages of text & pictures. Do's and don'ts and philosophy plus links for info to help moms-to-be feel great!

Some couples choose not to take a class and go to the web instead. Here’s why I believe taking an evidence-based childbirth class or workshop is important.

Ma Yoga offers Prenatal Yoga & Mom Yoga in the Los Angeles area. Enjoy a free class, download free info, or take an online Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training!

Prenatal Yoga Los Angeles Class Prices

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We keep prices low by allowing you to buy Ma Yoga Prenatal Yoga & Mom Yoga classes online. Create Your Account and go to Book Me to reserve a free class!

Private yoga sessions can give you confidence about the do's and don'ts of prenatal yoga, minimize aches and pains and help you embody the Divine Feminine.

Thank you for the Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training. I came to "add something" to my teaching and what I received just blew me away.... read more testimonials lots of bookmarks.